CRM 2015 - Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing was released in the UK during 2014 and is the result of Microsoft’s acquisition and investment in ‘Marketing Pilot’ in 2012. It is a full, enterprise-level marketing database with industry-led marketing features and functionality, some of which have previously been satisfied with addon solutions to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM), like Microsoft Social Listening, is a separate Cloud solution, so is offered to customers on a subscription basis. This subscription can be used alone or as an add-on to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online or On Premise deployments. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing has a native integration into Microsoft Dynamics CRM which can synchronise common elements of their respective data model. As part of the new 2015 release, there will also be a Microsoft Dynamics Marketing integration into Microsoft Social Listening.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing supports high volume, complex, multi-channel campaigns, and provides functionality for bulk email marketing and tracking, media buying management, digital asset management and marketing project management. As standard, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing includes 5GB of storage and 50K email sends per annum.

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