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From first steps to exciting new ideas

Wherever you are on your CRM path – whether you’re looking for your first Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation or moving into the cloud – we’re here to help.

What’s more, with our extensive knowledge and our considered, customer-centric approach, we’ll tailor the way we help to your specific and unique needs.

Need the right Dynamics CRM partner?

You found us. Gap Consulting is the largest specialist CRM practice in the UK, bringing together expert consultants who are passionate about your success.

We’ve got the deep technical knowledge you’d expect from a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold Partner, but we’ve also got years of hands-on experience. So we know the other things that matter – like a cultural fit, outstanding communication, and plans that make good business sense.

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Evaluating Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

There’s nothing more useful than shared knowledge from people who have worked with Microsoft Dynamics CRM first-hand.

Since 2005, we’ve worked on everything from simple CRM implementations to complex xRM projects. We share that knowledge in our numerous online resources and we’re always happy to help you model scenarios, compare solutions head-to-head, or demonstrate what Dynamics CRM can do. We’ll also introduce you to customers who have been where you are and seen the impact that Microsoft Dynamics has had on their business.

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Issue with an existing project?

Your CRM implementation doesn’t always go to plan. Sometimes it’s down to mismatched expectations. Sometimes it’s a poorly scoped project. And sometimes it’s just a relationship breakdown with your partner.

Whether it’s your relationship or solution that’s broken, we’ll assess your project and transition your business to Gap Consulting. Then, we can deliver the remedial project you require, or the ongoing expert support you’ve been missing. That’s the strength of the Microsoft Partner network.

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Replacing a legacy application?

If you’re using an older platform like Iris, Goldmine, or Siebel – or a bespoke platform – there’s every chance you’re being left behind. CRM has evolved into Dynamics 365, offering new flexibility and capability to all kinds of organisations.

But getting all those new features isn’t as simple as switching to Dynamics 365 and forgetting about your existing application. We’ll help you start with a better understanding of your existing application – the features you actually use, and the data that matters to your organisation. Then, we’ll help you assess your options and untangle the complex issue of data migration. Meanwhile, we’ll use our technical expertise to deliver your business processes in Dynamics 365.

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Migrating to the cloud?

Are you stuck with an older on premise Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, and want to move to the Dynamics 365 in the cloud?

We’ll work with you to build your cloud confidence, secure internal buy-in, and seamlessly migrate your data. Concerned that some functionality might stop working? Ask us. Concerned about your data security? Head to Microsoft Trust Center. Whatever you need to embrace the cloud, we’ll guide you towards unlocking the huge benefits.

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Why keep spending time and money on incremental CRM upgrades? The average on premise customer becomes 2-3 versions behind before making a move. Moving to a CRM solution within Dynamics 365 gives you new stability, flexibility and mobility – all for a simple predictable subscription fee.

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