• Gap Consulting acquired by Incremental Group, extending team and capability

    We are delighted to announce that Gap Consulting has been acquired by Digital Technology Services business, Incremental Group. Incremental Group is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold ERP partner, with additional capability in data analytics, cloud and application development. This strategic move, which makes us one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics partners in the UK, enables Gap Consulting to meet the increasing demands of our customers.

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  • Key considerations on how Microsoft Cloud could accelerate your digital business

    It’s the next industrial revolution                                    

    To keep one step ahead of the competition you need to carefully consider your strategic options and recognise and look at opportunities to exploit your strengths.

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  • Collaboration is the key to managing change in your digital transformation

    4 catalysts to accelerate the change

    Digital transformation is all about how you use technology and data to change the way you deliver products and services, finding new opportunities and ways to operate in, or to respond to disrupters in your market. But whatever your business drivers, you need a plan that will address both organisational culture and technology in collaboration.

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  • Why does data governance matter for a business with growth aspirations?

    Having a good data governance ethos across your organisation will create an accountability framework that encourages compliant behaviour. This will have a positive impact on the overall culture of your business, where your teams take ownership in how data is stored, used and monitored.

    Your business data could be considered your most important corporate asset, but it’s not always given the attention it deserves. Focusing on governance may seem like overkill with more important business matters inevitably taking priority.

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  • Do you have what it takes to be customer centric?

    A customer centric business puts its customer at the heart of its operation and provides a positive experience throughout the customer’s lifecycle. But how can you turn yourself into a customer-centric business and why would you want to do it in the first place?

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  • Platform your business for growth - Take responsibility for your data!

    Most growth businesses, big or small are already using Office 365 for their core business processes, and many also have efficient finance systems in place. But most are still not focused on their most prized asset - their data. .

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  • New Partnership Supports Thomson Reuters 3E Business Development Clients with Leading CRM Offering

    Gap Consulting is pleased to announce the launch of a new Partnership with Thomson Reuters Elite, part of the Legal business of Thomson Reuters. In addition to its current programme of consulting and support, Gap Consulting will be providing services to clients of 3E Business Development (formerly Business Development Premier), part of the 3E Enterprise Business Management Solution.

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  • Driving increased client centricity in Not-for-Profit organisations

    Webinar - Monday 18th December 15:00-15:45 GMT

    Join Stuart McSkimming, Head of IT, from Gap's customer Shelter for a webinar on how this commercially savvy Not-for-Profit organisation became an early adopter of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement to achieve its productivity targets and strategic goals. Stuart discusses how they’re using the platform to manage their clients from initial contact, through advice and support services, to full legal representation.

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  • Any spare change please…?

    I was going through Crewe railway station the other day…(one of my more glamorous regular hangouts!), and noticed several collectors for a well-known national charity with their cash collection buckets on the station hall.

    Now ordinarily I would be happy to put my hand in my pocket, but on this occasion, I didn’t have any coins, nor did I have a note that was realistic for the collection – they don’t give change, and I had a train to catch, so the opportunity was gone.

    How many times do similar circumstances occur, for example similar collections at the local supermarket? With the emergence of the cashless society, and contactless cards, how many people routinely carry coins?

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  • Collaboration: The value of the whole is more than the sum of the parts

    The words ‘collaboration’ and ‘collaborate’ are frequently listed amongst the benefits and functionality of modern IT applications and solutions. It is common-place to see phrases such as “enable close collaboration between your employees” and “Increase internal collaboration” associated with a myriad of products and methodologies designed to help us work more closely with our colleagues at a time when our physical locations are becoming ever more disparate.

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