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The Business Development Team are here to answer your questions

At Gap Consulting, we are always available to answer questions should you need us. The Business Development team (below) are committed to making calls, taking calls, responding to web enquiries and supporting you via email. We are all involved in helping customers and prospective customers.

We are supported by our Technical Teams, all of whom are involved in providing you with the best possible CRM information.

Call us on +44 (0) 800 019 2406

Andy Dudley

Managing Director
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Emma Bannister

Customer Account Manager
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Michael Jarvis

Technical Director
Contact him at [email protected]
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Michael Jarvis


Craig Shoebridge

Support Manager
Contact him at [email protected]
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Trev White

Operations Director
Contact him at [email protected]
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Trev White


Gaynor Almond

Office Manager
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