Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the Public Sector

Public sector organisations - government, educational institutions, healthcare and not-for-profit agencies - are under increasing pressure to find new ways to reduce costs, increase transparency and improve their constituent services. 

In an environment where it can be hard to invest in and embrace new technology, how do you find the right public-sector CRM system for your organisation? One that has real return on investment, will give you the efficiencies you need, but balanced with being easy to use and flexible.

Current Public Sector CRM customers include:


We have helped numerous public sector and not-for-profit organisations benefit from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, giving them more control of their critical relationships, processes and services, and directly generating efficiencies. These are rarely selling environments, but regularly involve service management – something Gap Consulting is particularly good at.

Example: Our HR workload accelerator is particularly relevant to public sector, kick-starting the ability to offer internal and external shared services.  To find out more about this solution, please download our pdf.

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