Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Not-for-Profit Organisations

Not-for-profit organisations are generally complex, multi-channel, geographically oriented businesses with large numbers of workers, volunteers and funders to manage. They’re both financially driven and challenged, and need to demonstrate targeted outcomes, improvement and value for money.

In our experience, not-for-profit organisations often grow organically without a central solution, and processes become unwieldy as a result of disparate IT applications. Our experience in service management, fund raising, events and people management enables us to take a more holistic view of the non-for profit business, and remove inefficiencies using tools that end users enjoy working with. As mentioned in our other industry pages, Gap Consulting’s ability to advise and provide options to prospective clients is key. Our pragmatic view ensures we focus on the areas that are important to our clients, and help them to realise the benefits they need to deliver.

What’s more, non-for-profits are embracing Microsoft’s Cloud strategy for more cost effective and scalable IT infrastructure services through Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Office 365 and Azure.

Current Not for Profit MS Dynamic CRM customers:


The Benefits of MS Dynamics CRM

  • Full visibility of all relationships ensures effective management and auditability
  • Peace of mind that relationships with customers, sponsors and funders are protected and nurtured
  • Confidence in confidentiality with complete system security and compliance
  • Complete control and co-ordination overall marketing and event activities required to attract, manage and control funding
  • Ability to model organisation-specific data and processes
  • Attractive Microsoft licence and Cloud subscription pricing

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