Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Law/Legal Firms

Reputation and client relationships are the lifeblood of legal firms. To protect these assets and build growth opportunities, firms need the right legal CRM strategy and solution in place. We are seeing a genuine shift in the marketplace, where legal firms are also looking outside of traditional ‘legal software’, and considering the success of other corporates.

We know many firms rely on disparate legacy systems with no central view of client relationships, making it difficult to pull vital information together at short notice. Firms need access to accurate client insight in a secure, compliant and intuitive manner. This is where we can help. We can look at the sources of your most valuable information, and make them work harder for you.

We understand that culturally, CRM can be a tall order. But talk to us, and share your concerns.

Current Legal CRM customers include: 



Gap Consulting also partner with Concep, providing empowerment marketing to professional services companies globally

The Benefits of MS Dynamics Legal CRM

  • Full visibility of client relationship ensures effective management and auditability
  • Peace of mind that your brand, your client base and relationships are protected and nurtured
  • Confidence in maintaining client confidentiality with complete system security and compliance
  • Growth through cross and upsell opportunity identification
  • Achieve control and co-ordination of all business development and event activities to deliver value add services to the right people
  • Opportunity to consolidate and decommission disparate data sources


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