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Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Small Business or Pilot Projects

As a Microsoft Small Business Specialist, we are definitely finding that our small business customers are favouring more rapid initial deployments of Microsoft CRM.  They generally have a clear view of what they want to achieve now, and realise that Microsoft CRM offers them all the flexibility they need for the future.  Many have spent significant time speaking to potential CRM suppliers scoping projects that have spun out of control from a cost perspective.

So, Gap Consulting have defined a small business rapid deployment to address the needs of these customers.  After an initial discussion of the customer’s requirements, we can construct a quick and dynamic project that runs over a tight 2-3 week cycle.  This delivers a customised Microsoft CRM solution, so there are no compromises to make on the customer’s part.  We can work rapidly through Analysis and Design, Configuration and User Acceptance Testing because a Gap Consultant works on a one-to-one basis with the customer.  This means they can make decisions as they progress to perfect the build.  So who does this work well for?

  • Small to medium organisations
  • Pilot projects for larger organisations
  • Those with a clear view of their initial build and are very focused
  • Those who want to control their budget, but have an immediate CRM need
If you want to consider a rapid deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, please Contact Us for more information.
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