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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Licensing Options and Costs

Hi! I often get enquiries about the ins and outs of licensing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It's not a simple chat as there are so many options to take people through.

So, for my Microsoft Dynamics CRM on premise customers, I tend to discuss Open licensing or potentially Open Value.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM on Open licensing is an upfront software investment but it includes 2 years Software Assurance (to help keep your software current). Whether Open is right for the customer often depends on initial budget.

I find that more compact Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployments favour Open Value licensing, whereby they can spread their licence costs over 3 years. This means 3 equal, annual payments, outright ownership of the licences and the benefit of 3 years Software Assurance.

Outside of these options there are discounted licensing programs for Government organisations, Academic settings and Registered Charities which make Microsoft Dynamics CRM highly attractive. There is also the Charity Technology Exchange that provides donated, therefore very cheap, Microsoft Dynamics CRM licences to those who can prove their eligibility.  See for more info.Ebox_Dynamics_CRM_363x512

There are also the more traditional Microsoft Select and Enterprise Agreements, which customers can pull their Microsoft Dynamics CRM licensing into.  So how much do Microsoft Dynamics CRM licences cost? Well, whilst the programs above present a range of cost options, Open licensing for a standard corporate company probably provides the best guideline for new customers as the highest initial investment. Looking at prices from distributors in July 2010, you should be looking at costs around:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Full User ~£760 per named user
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Professional Server ~£1500


If you need more help with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM licensing options, please get in touch with me

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