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June 2011 Entries

Control Activate and Deactivate buttons by Security Role using a JScript web resource and enhancing the RibbonDiffXml

The security model in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is extremely flexible and with the inclusion of field level security, is almost ultimately configurable. However, there is a small deficiency in the security model whereby the ability to activate and de-activate records is not independently configurable. Several of our customers have expressed a desire to allow their users to write to a record but not allow the activation or de-activation. I have posted a product enhancement suggestion on Microsoft Connect here, but in the meantime, here is how to configure an entity to only allow users with a defined security...

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Displaying Data From a Parent Record on a Child Form Using an HTML Web Resource

  A common requirement of users when viewing records such as contacts is to be able to see information which belongs to a parent record immediately on a child form so to eliminate the need to navigate up to the parent record. In CRM v4.0, an iframe in conjunction with an aspx page was needed in order to display such information and this would frequently be outside the capabilities of the system customiser. With the introduction of HTML web resources in CRM2011 we can use these in conjunction with jscript to display values from fields...

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