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Maximise a form in Microsoft CRM2011

The following was a handy piece of jscript commonly used in CRMv4.0 and CRMv3.0 to maximise a form to use the entire screen;

window.resizeTo(screen.availWidth, screen.availHeight);

However, in Microsoft CRM2011, this has changed slightly and you must add ‘.top’ to your jscript web resource:,0);, screen.availHeight);

This can really help the end user reduce the number of mouse clicks and gives the maximum amount of screen real estate from a system customiser perspective. 

Print | posted on Wednesday, January 05, 2011 1:25 PM |


# re: Maximise a form in Microsoft CRM2011

Many thanks for this!

Why this isn't top of the goggle index for "CRM 2011 resizeTo" is beyond me, this is the only post I could find that explains the variation between 4.0 and 2011 when calling the resizeTo method.

Again, many thanks - you've saved me from pulling my hair out.

4/18/2011 12:04 PM | Craig Hamer

# re: Maximise a form in Microsoft CRM2011

I found this blog post from a link you had posted on a forum discussion of this issue, and in that forum it was mentioned that this will work through the web client but not if the form is opened from Outlook. Did you ever find a resolution to get the script to resize the window from Outlook as well?

5/31/2011 10:17 PM | Merlin

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