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Thursday, November 25, 2010

CRM testing and ‘In Private Browsing’

When testing Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the tester needs to evaluate security roles, the tester will typically use different credentials to log in as users who have different security roles associated with them. It is common for the tester to set their IE User Authentication settings to ‘Prompt for user name and password’ so that as they open a browser session, they can log in to Microsoft Dynamics CRM with different credentials.


However, this doesn’t always prompt the user to log in and sometimes the cache & history have to be cleared in order to force the log in prompt.

A useful tip in this scenario is to make use of the ‘InPrivate Browsing’ feature in IE8 and above. If no other ‘In Private’ browsing sessions are active, opening a new one always prompts for credentials. This allows the Microsoft Dynamics CRM tester to happily have two web client sessions open (one normal and one In Private) which they can use to compare side by side different users with different security roles.


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