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Streamlining the CRM release process with the Solution Components Mover (XrmToolBox)

On larger projects, coordinating multiple development streams so that a consolidated solution can be built and transported to the destination (test or live) environment can be a challenge. The problem is if several developers each work on adding components in their own solution (either directly in the master development environment or in their own sandboxed deployments), there is the risk that human error can creep in and components can be accidentally missed when adding to the consolidated solution prior to deploying a release. 

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Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

Marketing has been changing faster now than ever before and with digital marketing blooming marketers have more responsibility over customer journeys. They are required to engage with customers across many digital channels and deliver amazing experiences but all the while track results of their marketing investments to determine the ROI.

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Dynamics CRM 2015 Compatibility

Dynamics CRM 2015 Compatibility: We have completed final verification of both the CRM adapter for Insight and the CRM connector for Scribe Online with Dynamics CRM 2015 Online and on-premise. Both the adapter and connector support CRM 2015 without changes, so these combinations are now officially supported.

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Dynamics Marketing Email Design

MDM includes a feature rich email designer which allows marketing professionals to create emails for a variety of trades and expertise. MDM enables marketers to send millions of emails per day in various types with varied levels of control. MDM caters for all email marketing needs from the simple email blasts to more complex and advanced emailing blasts incorporated with campaign automation. Emails can be created from email templates which are re-usable. Email marketing can be found in

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Dynamics Marketing Digital Assets

Digital Asset Management for marketers can be a very challenging aspect of their marketing duties. Producing digital assets to the standard expected by large organisations is no mean feat and it takes an iterative approach between internal peers and external vendors to ensure that the digital collateral is delivered correctly. MDM provides the ability to manage folders of multimedia content. These digital assets can be developing media or completed media products, which are annotated across the organisation and user roles. In MDM the media buyer security role has a large number of authorisation permissions.  

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